The Year in Review (So Far)

Personal (Hope)

January is a blur but I remember being hopeful in the beginning
and losing my patience one day and thinking the whole year was shot.


February was kind of great for a few weeks beginning on Valentine's Day
when I started a flirtation with you that gave me confidence in myself
but towards the end of the month it all went downhill when you moved on.


March finally got better and April was good too as I met new people
and had a couple new love interests. I dated one for a month or so
but soon realized that he wasn't the one for me.


May started going downhill. I had a problem friend that
was giving me a lot of problems and it was affecting
every other aspect of my life.


By June I determined that I had to lose that friend
but at the same time I lost another friend of 7 years.


I hit one of my lowest points in June and it continued through July.
Half way into July I hit a high point when I went on a cruise
and had a really good time and met someone on the ship.


August is off to a good start.
My depression has settled somewhat. 
But we'll see how it pans out.

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