Magnetic Rewrite


I've been watching you all night;
your dance moves are hypnotizing.


And in a moment I caught your glance
as you rocked your hips to the beat.


Then my movements mirrored yours
as I swayed in tempo to each step.


Your body is magnetic:
it attracts me like none other.


Just thinking about you 

makes my heart race.


My pulse quickened.
My senses were heightened.


I'm imagining what your body

can do in other positions.


Your eyes called me nearer,

and I willingly obliged.


I want to be close enough
to feel your breath on my neck.


I want your kisses to cover
every inch of my skin.


I want to show your mouth
how desire tastes.


I want your hands all over me,

exploring each curve.


We will find our own rhythm
as we lose ourselves to the music.

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