Live Free

Personal (Hope)

Some of us run from fear;

others from our own reflection.


We build these walls 

trying to protect ourselves

but so often they end up locking us up.


We think we are keeping people

from hurting us,

but we end up hurting ourselves the same.


Misery is a captivating cage;

loneliness is a painful prison.


We want to escape,

but the door remains closed...

until we open it.


Freedom is possible.


You are stronger than you seem.

You are braver than you think.


You are powerful.

You are beautiful.


You are capable of living free 

from whatever has imprisoned you.


Believe in yourself;

believe in the One who made you 

and bestoyed every gifting upon you.


He wants you to experience 

life to the fullest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong by For King and Country

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