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Personal (Hope)

Many times I struggled to believe that God loved me specifically because God loves everyone, right? But then I started to think that God loves everyone...uniquely. Because everyone is unique. God loves my smile. He loves my laugh. He loves my kind heart. He loves my passion, even though sometimes it controls me. He gave me that passion and hopes one day I can harness it for good to help others with my convictions. God loves the fact that I am a perfectionist because so is He! He wants me to trust Him to take care of things because He is more perfect than I could ever be. He wants to bless me extravagantly. He wants to pour over me all the good things He has created because of His great love for me. But He knows if He gives it to me before I am ready I will squander and disregard these blessings. For now, He is content revealing Himself to me; what greater reward than to know the One who knitted me, thread by thread in my mother's womb? Who not only made my physical body but placed all of these traits inside of me. All of these qualities that I have hated about myself for years, He put them there on purpose. He made me just as I am because He knows one day I can change the world with my personality. I can change the world with my smile because it can brighten someone's day. My laugh because it can bring joy into another's life. My kind heart so I can lend a ear to someone who has no one to listen to them. My passion to love on others and create beautiful things in His name. My need for perfection to stop cruelty and injustice. My story to show others that they are not alone and that they too can find meaning in their lives. Everything I am was placed there so I can become everything I am meant to be.

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