My Love Story

You shouldn't have to force yourself to love someone. Or worse, force someone to love you. This is where I have failed in past relationships. They have gone either way. If I have been more in love with them, I scared them away. If they were in love with me, I couldn't bring myself to reciprocate their feelings. But in reflecting on these relationships, I am come to terms with the fact that every love story I wrote wasn't going to be perfect. Because I was writing them. There is someone who has already writing my love story. He knew me before I was even born. If and when I am meant to meet my match, it will happen, it will. But I have no business holding the pen; I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know what's best for me because my judgment is faulty. Right now, he's writing the love story between me and Himself. So my focus is on Him, knowing Him, loving Him, and accepting His love for me. And maybe that will be my only love story, but is there a better love story than the one between you are the Savior who loved you enough to die for you?

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