So Much More


I could spend all day, every day 

talking to you, 

laughing with you.


You are so easy being around,

I'm comfortable with you.


And when you look into my eyes,

you find your way into my heart.


Everything you say

either makes me giggle or think

or builds me up.


You called me beautiful today;

you said I had a lot to offer. 


I wanted to hear more.

I wanted to know you desired me.


Instead you gave me advice

about another guy

and told me about your girlfriend.


I wanted to make you jealous

but you just showed concern for me.


I know you care about me

and that might be why I fell for you.


Maybe we'll only ever be friends;

but now that given the chance,

I would jump your bones.


I would love to have experienced

you in a intimate manner.


To kiss those lips,

your hot breath against my neck.


Your strong arms around me,

holding me like only you could.


But I have to move on,

I have to let you live your life.


For now, I'll just sit here next to you,

stealing glances from 

the corner of my eye.


And dreaming while I type away

wishing for so much more.

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