Country Boy


He's not the romantic kind,
but he'd do anything for his sweetheart.


He knows how to treat a woman right
because he was raised well.


He's a good country boy,
that drinks beer and watches football
but goes to church on Sunday mornings.


He has traditional values,
you can always count on him to provide.


He's a hard-worker like his daddy,
but when he comes home,
he'll kiss you on the forehead.


He's handy; he can fix anything;
his fingernails may be dirty
but he cleans up nice.


He drives a pickup and owns
mostly flannel shirts and blue jeans.


But on those special nights,
he'll impress you with a tie
and a dry-cleaned button-down.


His heart is as big as his homeland;
his love is the size of Texas.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Loved By A Workin' Man" by Pistol Annies

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