The End of Myself

God (Inspired by)

I'm caving into my skin,
imploding by the pressure
of a life I never wanted.


Rock bottom is another tear away,
and I feel it coming on.


I'm broken to the point
of giving up;
it would be so much easier
if I could stop the pain.


when I reached the end of myself,
it was there that I let go.


I fell into the glorious echo
and just before I hit the ground,
a hand grabbed me out of the darkness.


You found me when there was
nothing left of me.


You loved me when
my heart was filled with hate
for myself, for the world.


You stepped down from glory
just to hold me.


You lifted my eyes
and kissed my tear-stained cheek
and promised a future.


You wrapped me in your arms
like a cocoon
until it changed me.


You made me brand new;
you saved me
when I felt hopeless.


You gave me a purpose
when you called me yours.


You brought me home
when this earth
turned hostile.


I am forever indebted
to your grace and mercy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Close to Your Heart" by the Glorious Unseen

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