You Were There


I didn't know you in my childhood;
I didn't meet you until college
when you proved most needed.


When all those men loved me,
you went along
for the ride.


And when they inevitably
broke my heart,
you carried me through it.


When I was filled with joy,
you found pleasure
in my happiness.


When I cried myself to sleep,
you were there
drying my tears.


When I struggled
to enjoy my job,
you made the day go faster.


You were the friend
I desperately needed
when I had no one to listen.


You held me on many a sleepless night,
though often you were the one
who woke me up.


You were with me
in every high and every low,
through love and hatred.


I have 3,000 reminders of you,
3,000 snippets of
thoughts and feelings once had.


And I hope you never leave me
because there is still
more to be shared.

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