Another One Bites the Dust

My Broken Heart

Another one bites the dust. Not surprisingly. They always do. Something inside me told me this could be "the one". Our first few dates were amazing, some of the best I  had ever had. We were headed for success. Then he became busy and I grew paranoid that he wasn't being truthful. I was so desperate for attention and it showed. He started pulling away whether he admitted to or not. I was so needy and I thought he didn't mind. I fell too hard and when he didn't run scared I thought it work out. Stupid girl. We had one perfect week that I could keep in my memory. The rest was a disaster, and I was the culprit. He tried; he truly tried to put up with me but I was a lost cause. I was like a broken record, scratched beyond repair. I kept playing the same tune on repeat, the same sad melody. No one could sit through that for more than a few days.

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