The Artwork of Humanity


We all look different,
a colorful spectrum of faces.


But deep down,
we all break the same.


We have all bled,
and our blood runs red.


Our pasts tell
different stories,
but they are each filled
with beauty and pain.


We have felt alive;
we have fallen apart.


We walked different paths,
but they all lead us here,
searching for a home.


We all want to be loved,
and we want to believe
we are not alone.


Differences aside,
we belong to one other
like pieces of a puzzle.


We are part of
a bigger picture,
with a purpose
larger than ourselves.


We are a brushstroke
in the artwork of humanity,
God's masterpiece.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Same Kind Of Broken" by Jason Castro and Moriah Peters

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