The Elephant in the Room

Personal (Hope)

We've spent years ignoring it
but it's alright admitting it exists,
and while we can't fix it
we can certainly address it.


We have hurt each other
and we have been hurt by others;
we have caused one another pain
because we have endured pain.


I cannot fix your brokenness
and you cannot fix mine,
but forgiveness can make
our hearts whole again.


We have no control over
what happens to us,
but we do control
how we treat each other.


We can choose to love
even when we are hurt
or offended or wronged
or bruised or abused.


Because at the end of
the day, who are we but
the sum of our choices,
whether good or bad.


We can decide to succumb
to what's been done to us
or we can turn every negative
into an opportunity to grow.


We can learn to understand
that people who hurt others
have been hurt but love
can heal the deepest wounds.

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