Searching for Love

God (Inspired by)

I've spent years searching for a love
that transcends this world,
a love that silences the pain.


I prayed for someone
to wipe away the tears

and replace my sorrow with joy.


I've been alone for so long
it's become who I am.


I was at the end of myself
when I screamed to God to finish me
because I was done with this life.


Then I heard a voice
deep inside of me whisper back:


"I've watched you in your darkest moments
and wanted to give you comfort,
but you never came to me.


You looked elsewhere for love
when it was here in your heart all along.


I've listened to your prayers,
knowing that I was the answer,
but I wanted you to find it yourself.


And now I see you here
in desperate need for a Savior,
I won't stand idly and let you give up


I will love you like no one else can.
I will love you as you are
and I will love you even when you don't.


I will show you what
true love looks like
because I am the definition.


My love never changes,
my love doesn't fade,
my love never stops."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Love Me" by JJ Heller

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