Dear (Possible) Future Husband


I have prayed for you for years. I think you are the one for me. But this courtship will not be perfect. I will make you an idol because of my codependency tendencies. I will blame you for how other men have treated me because I still haven't come to terms with the pain in my past.


I will have a hard time trusting you just because when I trusted others it always backfired. I know you will give me no reason to not believe you but my jaded nature will find something to question.


I am prone to impatience so I'm sorry if I rush you and am too much too soon.  Some would say I am passionate and that is a good thing. But admittedly, I can a little intense for most men so please do not run away when I try too hard to keep you. My emotions get the best of me and I will ask you if you love me often because I never believed someone would.


I'm sorry for your past. For your parents that treated you like a mistake.  I wish you didn't think you had to prove something to them because in my opinion you are perfect without even trying. I apologize for your exes that didn't appreciate everything you did for them. They walked all over you and I hope that I will not do the same.


I'm scared for our future. I may not live up to your expectations or to what you deserve. I may be difficult sometimes and ask you to change. But please realize that you shouldn't have to change for me. You are good enough now and I will compromise if I need to.


I'm excited that you appreciate my awkwardness, my sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. I am crazy and sensitive and you still accept me. I'm looking forward to get to know you better. I can't wait to have deep conversations with you and to laugh hysterically with you. We will have fights and I'm excited for them to strength our relationship. I hope we can soften each other's jaded hearts. Most of all, I hope our union brings glory to God and draws us closer to Him.

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