Reflections on Your Passing


It's been two years since,
and I miss you more than ever.


The older I become,
the more I understand who you were.


You were a hard-wording
and giving human being.


You were soft-spoken
but in no way unsociable;


You started conversations
with everyone
with your warm smile.


You loved in a quiet way,


Your soulmate was a strong woman,
some would say a hard-to-love woman,
but you saw something in her
few others did.


And when she forgot you,
your love remain unchanged.


It broke your heart
to watch her mind deteriorate,
but you wanted to care for her
even when you didn't have the strength.


Your body grew weak
until one day you had lost your voice
so you said goodbye to
your life partner with your eyes.


Cancer took the life out of you
long before you reached your deathbed.


It coursed through your blood,
shutting down your organs
one at a time.


Your skin became pallid,
your bones fragile,
you were a shell of a man.


But your beautiful soul was intact;
your love unaffected
until your last breath.

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