Keeping the Pain Close


We are all decaying,
corroded by the things
we allow to consume us.


We are drawn to
what makes us hurt.


We hold onto it
or its hold is on us.


We can never let go
even when our fingers bleed.


We yearn for happiness,
but we also want
keep the pain close.


We carry nearby
what destroys us
until it defines us.


We call the pain our own;
it becomes our identity.


It gives breath to our lungs
even if sucks the air out too.


It makes us feel alive,
the world less cold
while it thaws our bones.


But at the same time,
it is freezing our hearts.


It makes us jaded
to the point that
we expect disappointment.


We anticipate being hurt
because its our comfort.


A heart in this state
could never truly accept love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a quote from R.M. Drake

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