When You Kissed Me

My Broken Heart

When the lights faded,
you moved nearer to me
until your face was beside mine.


My heart was pounding
right out of my chest.


You whispered that
you felt each beat
against your temple.


It had been so long
since I was this close to a man.


I couldn't hide my excitement;
your touch felt amazing.


I had been so desperate
for love's embrace.


You grabbed my arm
in that dark theater;
my cold skin warmed by yours.


You turned towards me
and kissed me hard.


My heart started to unravel,
a million threads coming apart
like my lips were sealed all these years.


My head knew this wasn't love,
but my heart couldn't tell the difference.


It wasn't long before my heart
took over my thoughts,
and I began to obsess over you.


But you denied me,
keeping a piece of my heart,
and walked away.


Now all I have of you
is just this one memory
and an incomplete heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "Giving Your Heart Away" by Jessa Anderson. For M.R.

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