A Lifetime of Firsts


My first day of school
and how I cried
because I didn't want to
let you go.


The first time I rode a bike.

The first time I fell
and picked myself back up
and you kissed my scraped knees.


My first friend
and how we did everything together;
we were almost twins.


And when we fought,
you heard my side of the story
and made me feel better.


My first kiss
and how I didn't know
what I was doing
but it felt kind of natural.


And when I had my heart broken,
you were there
to pick up the pieces.


The first time I drove,
with you in the passenger seat
and even though I was scared
I braved the steering wheel.

When I put on my cap and gown,


I made you so proud
and I finally felt
like I had accomplished something. 


I keep these photographs
in my mind-
memories frozen in time.


In my pocket,
there is a ripped picture,
a treasure I hold dear
of a simpler time.


It is of the three of us
when I was about ten
before the world changed
or became what it is now.


When I find my match
and you walk me down the aisle,
I'll hold your hand a little long
because I don't want to let go.


I may not see you every day
and I may live somewhere else,
but when we are together,
I will always be at home. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran

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