To the Moon and Back

I do not love you
because you are beautiful
even though you are

the epitome of grace.


I love you for what
the eye cannot behold-
your intrinic qualities.


I love you for your light
but also your darkness
for that is when
your heart is purest.


I do not love you
because you are lovable
for anyone can do that.


I love you because
even when you
are hard to love,
you allow me to try.


I love you on

your brightest day

and in the shadows

of your soul.


I love you without
expectation that
it will be reciprocated.


But without your love,
I would not exist
for you are part of me.


So please love me
like I love you;
love me to the sun,
to the moon and back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Xvii (I Do Not Love You...) by Pablo Neruda

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