Letter to 40-Year-Old Self

I hope in the last 10 years
you have learned to be confident
and not let self-doubt and criticism
weigh down your heart.


And even when people walk all over you,
don't let that make you jaded.
People are still inherently good
even if they take advantage of you at times
(because you let them).


Don't write people off
if they hurt you one time
or you think they exploited your trust
because you'll miss out on
great friendships.


I hope you have become better
at seeing your value
because you are priceless.
You have so much to offer the world
and don't ever think otherwise.


Don't believe the negative things
some people say about you;
they don't know you
like you do.


Stop ignoring the people
that praise you.
They are the ones
you should listen to,
not the nay-sayers.


Stay firm in your convictions;
stand by your beliefs
even if they are not always popular
or if you encounter controversy.


I hope you still haven't figured out
what you want to be when you grow up,
but I hope you are doing
something that matters.


I hope you have stopped
comparing your life to others
and that you are content
with the path God has you on
even if it looks completely different from
the one you would have paved for yourself.

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