Divine Revelation

Love is a kiss on the cheek.


It drags you away
like a criminal
in the dead of night.


Love blinds you
then beats you with a whip.


It is the spit on your face,
the mocking laughter;
it strips you naked.


Love is a robe on your bloody back,
a crown of thorns thrust
into your skull.


It straps your arms to a cross,
driving nails through
your wrists and ankles.


It is a sponge of vinegar
pressed to your lips,
a bitter drink to a parched throat.


Love is a one last word to heaven,
a final breath, a letting go.


It is a spear piercing your side,
the blood and water pouring out.


Love is buried in a borrowed catacomb,
covered with a rock
for three days.


It is an empty tomb
behind a stone moved-
a shroud without a body.


Love rises from the dead.

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