Wounds as Windows


There is darkness in you
that you cannot escape,
a deep pain that permeates
and consumes the mind.


But your suffering
may bring serenity
to someone else;
your darknees may bring light
to another soul.


And for that, you should endure
because while an end is not promised,
a purpose to your pain is.


Depression is a sickness
that is not guaranteed a cure;
there is no antibotic
to stop its spread.


We live in a fallen world,
where disease eats away
throughout society
in secret places.


Your skin may be intact,
but your head may be broken
and you should not be ashamed.


Do not feel guity
because you have a cancer
that is unseen,
that attacks the mind.


In church we talk about wickedness,
but rarely mention the hidden evils,
the invisible wounds
that scar us.


This is what binds us:
our fears, our aches,
the struggle felt by all.


The church shouldn't be a cliche,
but a place where
we cling to each other.


More than platitudes,
a place for those in pain
to find protection and peace.


Because we are the body
of the Master Physician
and we are called to heal.


Grace is a shelter
that hides the hurting
in its haven.


And these wounds will become windows
where we may find beauty
in one another
shining through the sorrow.

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