Stolen Smile


I have become a shell of a person,
disgruntled, easily angered,
perpetually depressed.


How did I turn out this way?


Looking at scattered photographs
reveals a different picture.


I was happy once,
naive, but unequivocally hopeful.


Now sadness and rage reside
behind the smile.


An unmistakenable emptiness
is evident in my eyes.


Why did I become so disheartened?


What happened in my past that

destroyed my innocence?


I may have an absentee father
and an overly critcal mother.


I may have distant relatives
in more ways than one.


But are these excuse enough
to have lost my joy?


Where once I held loved ones close,
now I stand far apart,


I maintain a space for my hatred
for this so-called family.


These are people who have hurt me
in inexpressable ways.


They have hardened my heart
and stolen my smile.

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