Whistle Blowers

In a country that scams pay the whistle blower
Is turned into a scare-crow; the crime of Munyakei,
God rest his soul ,is that he dared
To read the right figures in the
Ledgers of Central Bank;

So he rattled the snakes in the
Ramparts of the plunder's strong rooms!

He was sacked from his clerical job
And sent to his savannah country, only to die
In misery of some curable malady.
Once a friend of mine took refuge in london because
He dared to challenge the bulls of plunder
Who use tribal passions in their selfish pursuits;

The scammers still in high offices are stalking him
Through miserable hirelings, hunting for his head;
But he was an anti-corruption tsar, using his mighty pen he
Narrates without fear the folly of their wrongs.
 He would let them shed their crocodile tears until their
Consciences are cleansed in holy water.

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