Inside Me

He quietly closed the door while calling: "I'm home, sweetheart." With the first step inside their apartment, he sensed there was something different … something strange. Lighting of the hall was set into a medium degree, a few candles were scattered randomly around the place, and she was not there. He headed to their bedroom but found the door locked. He noticed a folded piece of paper at the door step. He picked it up and some soft floral perfume sneaked into his nose while unfolding the paper. "Start your treasure hunt where I burn for you!" He read it with his smile widening on his lips. She never ceased to surprise him and this was what he loved about her; he never felt bored when she was around. "So, let the hunting journey begins. I am coming after you, my wild deer" he said it close enough to the door that she would hear him. He heard her trying to control her laughter and excitement.

"Where I burn for you" was his first clue. He stood in the middle of the hall looking around then he thrust towards the scattered candles and lifted one by one to find beneath one of them another folded note. This time, a French revolutionary scent burst out of the small piece of paper to give him luring hints of what kind of a woman that would wear such a perfume. He struggled to shake off the fantasies that started attacking him and read the line written: "When Mars and Venus first collided!" He scratched his head and roamed the rest of the apartment looking for a clue when his eyes fell on the fake "Sunflowers" painting of Van Gogh. "Yes!" he said it while heading towards the painting remembering their first meeting in that museum where they actually clashed into each others before the original painting of the brilliant Gogh. He pulled the painting a bit to find another folded note falling on the ground. He wondered what the paper would smell this time. An exotic oriental smell answered his question. He smiled when he imagined his wife one of his harem if he were a Sultan. But he knew her very well… she would be capable of making him satisfied that she would be his only harem. A new line snatched him from his thoughts: "You do not have to cross seven valleys to reach me!" He understood it immediately this time. He headed directly to their big library and searched for her favorite book; "The Conference of the Birds". He opened the book to finally find the key to their bedroom wrapped in a small piece of paper where a "Now you have the key to your treasure. Claim it!" written on it.

He pushed the door not knowing what to expect behind it. She was standing there, in the middle of the room, waiting for him with a wide smile. She was wearing a long, sleeveless lilac silk dress. She looked radiant and beautiful with her dark long locks of hair contradicting the fairness of her bare arms. A medium size purple stone locked in thin silver cage hanged on her chest. He approached her with a questioning smile. There was something different about her this evening. An aura he could not understand… a light in her most endearing brown eyes. He gently rubbed her soft arms while saying in a lazy tone: "So, my dear treasure, what do you have for me?" She did not answer him. Instead, she locked her hands behind his neck and stood giving him her side body in a sign that she wanted him to carry her. He leaned a bit and easily carried her with no noticeable effort. "So, my deer wants to roam her forests carried by the hunter?" he smiled playfully. "You are not carrying your deer now, my dearest hunter" she looked at his jaw and then raised her sight to his eyes that she loved the most before whispering: "you are carrying your whole family now". He frowned not understanding what she was saying. Then he thrust his eyes wide open and gasped for air and was about to jump but he remembered he was still carrying her. He put her very delicately on the edge of the bed. He looked at her blushed face and gently put his hand on her abdomen before saying: "You … you mean you are…?" She blushed even more while saying: "Yes." She raised her sight to look at his face. She did not want to miss his features in this special moment. She saw a thin layer of joyful tears in his smiling eyes. She took his face in both hands and drew her face closer to his and said: "Are you happy?" He said nothing, instead, he covered her small hands holding his face with his hands and withdrew them, placing soft, and loving kisses on the balm of them. Then suddenly, a pondering expression was drawn on his face when he said: "Ummm, where are we going to place the baby's bed? That side would be fine, right? Let's go out tonight and do some shopping for her… him … mmm, I want a girl… and a boy… three girls and two boys actually." She laughed gaily at the childish expression on his affectionate, warm face wondering why she wanted any babies when she already had hers … in her arms now.



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