Adulterous Heart

I call your name with guilty lips. I love you with an adulterous heart. I take other lovers and claim you are my only love. I give my cheap flesh and foolish heart to them to tear it apart and I come back running to you with regretful, wet eyes. You take me inside you, heal my wounds and give me a new heart. You hear my promise of being a dedicated lover to only you with a wise smile and you pat me on the shoulder knowing I would get back to you with a torn flesh and a broken heart. I am tired! I am tired of my foolishness and blindness! The burden of my consciousness makes me crawl scratching my face to the sharp stones of the earth. Why don’t you take me once and for all into you? Let me disappear into your existence. Let me die into your life. I only feel my heart beating when I am with you. My hellish desires drag me into dark places where I stumble and fall but still you pull me up to your light. I know you love me. I can feel it every time I put my trembling hand on my heart. I can feel it every time you tenderly and wholly embrace me. Why is it that hard to get rid of the chains when I have the key lying in the balm of my hand? Oh, how much I wish if all the mountains of the world fall upon me to crush every rusted bone in my body, if all the oceans would gather to drown the lungs that have been breathing black, poisonous fumes for so long. I just wish … I could live eternally at your feet.



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