Safe in my Castle

Safe in my castle behind my steel shield, I thought there was no harm looking out of my balcony. And I saw you, smiling and waving at my direction. Smiling back gave me such pleasure I never imagined I could feel. We talked, laughed, and even fought. But that made me feel alive, even those salty tears that I shed after our fights made me feel human. I let you inside my castle thinking that my shield would protect me. Oh, how much gaiety I experienced!!! How much joy, and happiness!!! But I was a fool thinking that my thick steel shield would protect me from YOU. You so easily sneaked and cracked this shield leaving me with the feeling that I was wearing a feather. I felt unsafe and bare. I ran away to hide any where away from you. Your cracking my shield made me look inside for a while discovering that this shield hid me even from ME. I saw things I never did, explored horizons, and wandered in untrodden roads of my long hidden self. Experiencing all this didn’t surprise me as much as your knowledge of the existence of those horizons and roads. How could you see thru that strong shield that protected me so well till I met you?!!!

Missing you drove me back to where I left you. But you were gone. Calling you didn’t make me feel better as all I got was only the echo of my desperate calls. Will you come back? I miss our laughter together, our sharing the beauty of a rose, our singing touchy romantic songs, even our short fights that you apologize for and become more tender than before. I miss our togetherness. I just miss you.


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