Antinomic Life

It was not a typical summer day; the sun was slightly strong but tendered by a refreshing breeze that reminded me that I desperately need a vacation by the sea. A yearning sigh escaped my lips while thinking of the endearing, salty splash of the sea. I shook my head lightly and moved my sight to the beautiful greenery around. It was a well-designed garden with narrow lanes that allowed the passers to roam among the pieces of art installed neatly in it. I took off my sunglasses to better enjoy the natural colors without that dark cloud. Some pieces got me stunned before man’s creativity and taming of natural resources. “Oh, how…!” Words always refuse to form complete sentences when I am in utter wonder! I reluctantly moved forward to allow others to admire those beautiful pieces of art.

The ruthless sun thought it granted me enough enjoyment so it sent its sharp rays to announce that pleasure time is over. I wanted to stay for a little longer but I could feel small droplets of sweat forming a shiny layer upon my warm face. So, I decided to leave and headed for the garden gate.

I noticed a tiny pink piece on the ground two steps ahead. I slowed down in curiosity to figure out what it was. The realization crushed me down like a huge rock would crush a lonely flower! It was a baby bird … a dead baby bird! I always freeze like an idiot when the words “dead” and “baby” appear successively. Its soft flesh rested helplessly on the cement lane with its eyes closed peacefully as if it contently accepted its fate! Two yet-to-be-wings spread motionlessly next to its body indicating that the bird's last movement was an attempt to fly. For a moment, the mighty sun disappeared, men’s creativity vanished, and that featherless piece of flesh came powerfully to the foreground to fill my sight and my consciousness. A remaining of a lifeless sibling lied a few inches away surrounded by a considerable crowd of ants. I dared not raise my eyes for fear of seeing a mourning mother lamenting the loss of two babies, lamenting hope and future being eaten up by indifferent ants! I felt a weakening tremble in my knees and thought I would collapse but I gasped for air which restored a semi-clear sight. How could nature hold two extremes like this?! A corpse of a baby bird and active, hungry ants? Like a womb carrying death, or a stone with a living fetus inside! My poor, exhausted mind could not find answers to such a riddle. I moved away with unbalanced steps, trembling hands, and a mind being eaten up by active, hungry questions! Before entering into that mental coma, I dizzily wondered if I would wake up with a fresh consciousness or ... mindless!



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