A Woman in Black

To my One True Love...

They do not see me.

They say: "Set her free!"

They want me to scream!

Oh, they do not hear my moaning whispers

That I utter with passionate, trembling lips

Calling Him,

Asking Him to help me remain as free as I am.

They see my blackness as chains

They don't know that it is the wings

That set me free from humans' prison,

To fly and reach eternity.

It is a shell around me

Tenderly wrapping the precious pearl within;

Protecting me from sea storms,

Polluting oil stains and seaweeds.

However, I love them all!

I want to hold them all

In my black cloak.

If they would just succumb to me,

To the warmth I have hidden

Among the corners of my blackness!

They would see the light I've seen.

The darkness will turn into light;

Sweetness that they'd always yearn for

Once tasted.

My black cloak doesn't degrade my femininity.

I'm still a grateful daughter,

A tender mother,

And a passionate lover.

But I'm the Ultimate Lover

Because I love the Ultimate Beloved.

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