Passionate Cherries:

cherries... so soft, delicious and sweet. You put every cherry in your mouth, penetrate it with your teeth and tongue... the soft flesh promises more sweetness and sends tempting invitation to your senses... but when u ask for more and u seek deeper, u find urself face to face with a hard kernel that doesn't satisfy your hunger... and you have to go to another cherry ... looking for the long longed-for sweetness... for the ultimate satisfaction... but will u find it?!!!

Mama's Chicken Creamy Soup:

oh, mama's chicken creamy soup...mmmm. Delicious! You have to close your eyes while drinking it ... allow every sip to give you a sensation of a playful pleasure ... let it run in your veins and enjoy the feeling of losing your mind into that amazing taste that would creep to every inch of your body demanding utter surrender to its irresistible powers!

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