SHE (5)

She pulled the door behind her softly to close it with the slightest noise possible and stepped into the small garden holding a folded plastic chair in one hand, and a big purple mug of vanilla cappuccino in the other. She stopped at the garden door to look at the sunless sky for a moment and let a satisfied smile hover upon her closed mouth. "Just in time! Now, run before the sun reaches the beach before you!" She tightened her grip over the chair and walked in noiseless, wide steps towards the beach. On her way, she crossed people who didn't sleep since the previous night. She ignored the amazed looks saying: "What the hell is a girl doing alone at this early hour of the morning?!" She got used to astonished looks long time ago. They never angered her. On the contrary, she used to face them with a sympathizing smile! She kept walking for almost ten minutes in relatively empty streets hearing warm chats among elders, happy, naughty screams among children and a couple of flirty remarks from young men with sleepy eyes.

She reached the beach and felt a bit disappointed that it was not as empty as she hoped it would be. She shook the disappointment off her heart and kept walking for a couple of minutes on the soft sands till she was a few meters away from the still sleepy waves. She unfolded the plastic chair, turned it upside down, put it on the ground and sat down leaning her exhausted back on it thinking that she preferred the big wood-and-cloth traditional beach chairs! She had a book in the folded chair; a romance. "Why isn’t there any good romances any more?!" A delicious smell tickled her nose when she uncovered her mug and tasted with childish pleasure the cappuccino she made fifteen minutes ago. "Uhhhh, I love vanilla cappuccino!"

She noticed that there was a honey-edged baby cloud in the horizon, so she turned her head east to welcome the yawning sun. She felt an urge to pull her tongue out to the sun yelling: "I came first!" She feared that she might be declared an official lunatic so she kept her tongue inside her mouth burying it in her delicious cappuccino.

Cold, soft grains of sands slipped among her bare toes giving her that teasing shiver along her spine. A relieved sigh escaped her parted, smiling lips. She gave the sea before her that loving look and said in a low voice: "I missed you! So much!"

She opened her book and started reading but she could not keep her eyes on the lines for more than five seconds. The scene before her was too tempting to resist. "I can read that at home!", she said while putting the book aside beside the empty, warm purple mug. She hoped she could caress all the sea with her long eyelashes, to embrace the vast shore in her warm arms. She played with the moist sand beneath her hand wondering how they would feel on her hot cheek.

She let her eyes lay lazily upon the mysterious sea before her looking for a mermaid to arise from amidst the waves … a mermaid that looked exactly like her!

When the sun was too strong to bear, she stood up, folded her chair, held her empty mug and book, and looked at the sea and whispered: "Till tomorrow!" She turned around and started moving away with reluctant steps and a content smile upon her heart.



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