Scenes from Life (I)

She entered the police station in a hot summer day to get her Criminal Record Clearance; a document that her new work place asked her to get. She found a considerably big crowd waiting to get the same document. But the concerned policeman was not there! So, she took the shelter of a room in the middle of the police station yard that was supposed to be a mosque. Criminal Record....mmm... she thought for a second of those crimes that could be stated there:

Murder of hopes and dreams

Kidnap of a flower

Stealing a kiss from her most adorable 3-year-old nephew

Addiction to stars and moonlight

Penalty: Lifetime imprisonment with hold of execution for her good intentions!

A light smile danced over her closed mouth.

Just a meter away stood a lonely, featureless room. She wandered with her eyes upon its plain walls to find that it was actually a small cell with a very small, steel-bared window at the top of the opposite wall. She noticed that there were slim, clean fingers behind the bars trying to untie a knot of a thread that was tightly tied around one of the bars. The fingers were anxiously busy trying to clear the knot as if all the problems of the fingers' owner fatally depended on the untying of the knot! After a couple of minutes, the fingers desperately dropped inside the cell, giving up the untying process as if their owner discovered the futility of his efforts ... or of his life.

She felt a wave of sadness overcome her when she wondered what could be the stories behind those silent walls.

A new job, a new life for her - a stubborn knot, a dead end for the fingers! Ha, what a wonderful life!



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