SHE (3)

She let her tiny body sway with the lulling movement of the boat and surrendered to the sweet dizziness that wrapped her exhausted mind. She chose a dark corner in the boat; just behind the unfolded sail but the naughty moonlight refused to leave her in peace. It sneaked behind the sail and creeped over her curled body to touch her face and pat her cheeks. She even curled herself more and moved to a darker place. The defiant moon followed her and forced her to stop escaping its mighty light. It held a hidden invitation to approach the murmuring Nile; to touch the luminous triangle of moonlight reflected on the calm surface of water. She was scared; she stayed in the darkness for too long that light scared her. But the temptation was too strong to resist. The moonlight penetrated her sparkling eyes, reached for the dark corners within and bestowed a touch of life on that long-dead heart to resurrect it. A refreshing breeze joined the kind-hearted conspiracy against her. She put down all her walls and shields and headed like an enchanted creature towards the boat breast and leaned to touch life. All the artificial lights on the banks vanished. Only that genuine, silver light remained to fill the dark vacuum of her soul. She could feel alive once more. Again, she could... breathe.

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