I stripped her of her clothes except of two pieces of cloth that covered her upper and lower nakedness. I always abhorred totally naked people. I had her stood up between two erect, wooden pillars and her hands tied with thick, harsh ropes to each pillar. Her dark, long hair was loose and covered her face that I couldn’t see. I didn’t care much to. She looked ill and exhausted which added to my sick happiness. I picked up a whip of my collection. I chose one where was written “Love Memories” on the handle. It looked charming, yet deadly.

I turned to the trembling body between the pillars. I cast  a glance towards her and could hold back my hatred no more. I started lashing her at every spot of her body making sure to hit the same place successively till I see a small stream of blood springing from her flesh then I move to another new spot. My sadist laughter rose louder and louder with her screams and moans. Her pain and suffering fed my dark, devilish soul. The more she screamed, the more I lashed her with growing excitement. Her increasing weakness made me grow stronger.

I kept moving around her to make sure that every spot of her body tasted my recipe of pain. With every lash, she released a strong shudder accompanied by a beautifully horrible shriek. Then all of sudden, she was silent and her body still. I lashed her more and more but her motionless body didn’t respond to my thirsty-for-blood whip. I could not endure her silence and stillness any more. I approached her and cut the thick ropes tying her hands to the pillars. She collapsed like a dead rose. Her tanned body was covered with blood and sweat. My whip drew meaningless stripes and ditches in her soft flesh. I put my ears to her heart and heard nothing. Her heart was still and silent like a stone. A strange feeling started to overwhelm me and I felt a painful urge to see her face. A voice from within screamed at me in horrified cries to leave the face concealed. But my yearning to disclose her identity took hold of me. With trembling hands I started removing the hair locks that stuck to her face with sweat. I approached with my face to examine her motionless features and didn’t look at her face as a whole. I searched for any sign of life in her peacefully tranquil face but could trace none. Her eyes were closed as if she was sleeping and would wake up in any moment. I could see no expression whatsoever in them. I moved down with my eyes to her lips that were slightly red and swollen as if she were biting them with every lash I inflected upon her. They were parted as if there was a final unuttered moan, a final unspoken word that I would never hear!

I drew back to have a comprehensive look of the whole face. I froze and could not breathe. I was struck by the unbelievable familiarity between the still face before me and my own! She … she was … me! I shook her begging her to wake up but in vain. She was dead! I stood up, ran in every direction releasing hysteric shrieks and calling her, or me, to wake up. All the answer I got was the maddening echo of my desperate screams. I ran towards her, carried her body in my arms and walked and walked and walked. And I’m still walking. Now, I know that my destiny is to keep walking forever … with my corps in my arms!

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