Where You Are

Have you ever felt the existences of someone else inside? Have you ever looked in the mirror and couldn't recognize your own eyes, but somebody else's? No, I'm not talking about feeling the love of someone, but the EXISTENCE of someone. Have you ever wondered if this beating heart inside is really yours? That this soul wandering in the vast corners of you body truly belongs to you? That those thoughts roaming your never-sleeping mind are certainly your property? It hurts! It does, specially when you decide to separate you own existence from that someone else's, for some reason or another. It will be like dragging all you veins out of your body! It is ... impossible! You may choose to close your eyes forever, not to look in the mirror anymore, not to look inside anymore, but s/he will be there ... as long as there's a breath passing between your seemingly-firm lips, as long as there's a beat keeping your broken heart trembling, as long as there's a tear your are imprisoning behind high walls of eyelids and steadfast bars of eyelashes ... as long as you live.

Where You Are

I feel you, so close

You are just a breath away,

A glance away.

I close my eyes and reach out my arms

But my hungry hands clasp only air.

In a moment of light,

I realize where you are.

I hold you tight,

I bathe your face with my salty tears,

I fulfill the deprivation of long years of yearning,

I satisfy the famine of my emotions.

I wrap my arms

Around me

Because you peacefully exist

And eternally live

Inside me.

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