He was there, standing on the vast beach, just before the wide Pacific Ocean, with his eyes shining with the reflection of the stars on the water. He stood there surrendering all his will to the powerful ocean. He didn't mind the wind's playing with his hair, nor with his dreams. There was a quest in his eyes; an eternal search for something he never knew, like a nightingale ever flying and ever searching for an unknown target. You can see this hunger in his restless eyes, and wonder if it is ever going to be fulfilled. He wanted to grasp the whole ocean in his eyes. He was watching the rhythmic movement of the endless waves, enjoying the harmonious music that the ocean plays, and searching for something to arise from amid the waves.

An unnoticed movement in the sky caught his attention. He raised his eyes and found that shooting star that was about to disappear. It was his chance to make a wish upon this distant star. He wished he'd find what his heart desires and yet doesn't know.

He left with his wish hanged upon that star that vanished in the air. He wondered whether his wish is going to come true, or vanish like that star.

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