Walking aimlessly, leaving my footprints

Reminding me how many seconds spent

Away from you.

Following a breeze

That may lead me to where you are

Caressed by moonlight

Still feeling cold

As I am still away from you.

Looking at that lonely reflection on the water

Made me pity its owner.

Closing my eyes didn't make me any good,

As I saw your breathtaking smile clearer

With no distracting surroundings.

I moved along

Trying to inhale all the air I can

Hoping I’d inhale your dazzling smell.

I put my trembling hand on my heart

Trying in vain to silence its desperate calls.

Then all of a sudden

That breeze I followed drew back

Pushing my long hair way beyond my head

And carrying a familiar, cozy smell

Could it be……?!

My footsteps widened

To match my ascending heart beats.

Then it was you.

I felt your presence inside

These melting walls of my body

Before even seeing your amiable figure.

Drawing closer aroused these butterflies in my stomach

And this fire in my cheeks

Fearing I’d burn you I stopped one step away from you

But you just reached out your hands

Erasing that step that separated us.

Feeling home in your arms

Made me rest my tired head on your welcoming shoulder

To my surprise, I could feel my heartbeats no more

I could only feel these assuring heartbeats of yours

Inside me.

What a feeling?!!!!

That tiring journey without you

Made me fall asleep in your warm arms

Hoping I would never wake up!!!

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