They walked side by side on that peaceful beach, with his arm protectively surrounding her surrendering shoulder, and with her tiny head resting on his broad shoulder. Whispers of an undiscovered language were flying among their lips and hearts. Their feet tenderly caressed the young waves that were competing to touch their feet. The smiling sun was furtively looking at them from behind huge pieces of shapeless scattered cotton. A four-seagull group drew near aiming at this warmth generated from their embracing hands. The couple followed a playful shadow that tempted them to move forward and forward by escaping once they touched its edge.

The shadow suddenly stopped, so did the couple. There was a big hole in the ground. It took them some time to start moving again with a tighter grip on each other’s hands. Their shadow bravely crossed the hole, then he did the same without letting go of her hand, then she crossed it to find his welcoming arms on the other edge of the hole.

The waves clapped their wet hands in joy that sent a splash of water over the couple whose laughter rose with the ascending cheerful sounds of the jumping seagulls and the warm kiss that the sun blew towards them. They moved on, closer than before, and the world seemed so beautiful, more than before.

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