SHE (2)

She stepped out of her doorstep, making sure to close the door with the slightest noise possible. She could immediately sense that Winter is knocking at the doors. A content smile was drawn upon her delicate mouth while going out of the building. Winter! Oh, lovely Winter! Lovely, warm, Winter! Her favorite season! She raised her small head to the sky, allowing her hungry eyes to be filled with the beautiful sight of the honey-edged clouds over there. Huge pieces of pure white cotton were scattered on a warm light-blue sky, and the sun was looking at her with amusing, sleepy eyes. Oh, how much she wished she could reach there; to rub her face with that soft cotton, and to allow these friendly sun-rays to enfold her to take the coldness within away! If only she could stay there forever; talking to her Creator, and ever asking to keep bestowing His eternal light upon her! If only she could keep playing with playful white doves over there!

A cold, refreshing breeze whispered unknown words to her ears that made her smile widen. She allowed with pleasure a delicious shiver to tickle her spine when she touched a few metal objects on her way to taste their sweet coldness.

A loud horn awakened her. She tightened her grip upon her books, adjusted the bag on her shoulder, and moved along, with a warm cloud of happiness around her.

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