A Present in St. Valentine’s Day

He came with a present in his hand,

With his caressing eyes and warm smile,

I could feel his presence from a mile

That silver box he held

With curiosity I was filled

Was it a teddy bear?

A book that we would share?

May be a shining star?

But I would have seen its light from afar…

Could it be a rare pearl?

I’ll be a good girl

And wait till he opens it.

Instead, he kissed my fingers

And his lips on my hand did linger

At that moment I wondered

If the present was his precious heart

That I could think of no better present

Then the big moment came

He opened the silver box

With a slow movement he took it out

A dagger!!!

And with the same affectionate smile

He dipped it deep inside me

He grabbed it out

And immersed it deeper…

I couldn’t breath.

I could only see

His amiable face, endearing smile

And that dazzling look in his eyes.

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