Omniscient Mermaid

"They say you know everything

So I came crawling to your sea

There is one thing I wish to know

I fought fire and snow

To come to you

So, please enlighten me.

Tell me about Pain"


"When desperate hopes strangle your dreams

When bleeding doves conceal the sun beams

When stars disappear once their sight touches your eyes

When a nightingale's song turns into moaning cries

When your babies are born only to die

When darkness is all you find in your sky

When kisses burn your skin

When love becomes a sin

When lips whisper curses instead of prayers

When eyes cry lava instead of tears

When your beloved's arms turn into your shroud

When breathing is not allowed

When rains are suppressed in a merciless prison

When nothingness fills your horizon

When your own heart beats agony

When your intimate friend becomes Misery

When the sun rays pierce you into a million holes

When you are haunted by lamenting souls

When sweet memories turn into heartless spears

When beautiful dreams turn into shivering fears

When there is no more sun nor rain

Only then you feel pain."

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