A Mermaid's Tale

To the beautiful, sad mermaid… on her birthday

In a hot July night, a mermaid was created. Moonlight has contributed to her fair upper part and made it soft and luminous as its rays. The ocean bestowed its shades of blue color upon her swift tail. The night dyed her long hair with deep, mysterious blackness that contradicted the fairness of her body and matched only her large, wondering eyes. Wherever she moved a halo of radiance followed her. She was created in a big shell furnished with smooth velvet for her to sleep upon. She blossomed into a beautiful, happy mermaid being looked after by a kind-hearted fairy that taught her everything she knew.

In the morning, from the seabed, she used to raise her head and watch that strong spot of light, that the fairy told her is called "the Sun". The warm sun rays sneaked into the water and touched her hungry-for-warmth body. She headed for her fairy teacher and begged her to go to the surface to feel the sun. Her fairy was horrified by the mermaid's request and told her that the surface carry nothing but pain and suffering. But the seductive sunrays were too tempting for the mermaid to resist. On her birthday, like a helpless, enchanted creature she followed the rays to the surface. She penetrated the surface with all her hunger for light and warmth. And she breathed! For the first time in her life she could breathe. Pure air filled her chest with hope. The sun rays embraced her fragile body in the utmost tenderness. She surrendered her will and destiny to that mighty light and gave everything she had for the warmth she felt within.

When she lied down all her shields, she noticed a change in the light. It became sharper and hotter. Suddenly, rays turned into spears! They all gathered and turned into a sharp merciless spear that penetrated her heart. She could not take it out. It was in too deep. She could breathe no more. Tears of pearls witnessed her unspeakable pain. She put her hand where the spear was and looked at the red stained hand with painful amazement. It was the first time for her to see blood! She had had enough of light! She sank back to her home at the seabed. Meeting her compassionate fairy, she confessed her folly and asked for cure. The fairy could only take off the spear, but could not heal the wound. Some wounds are beyond healing! The weak mermaid headed back to her shell aided by the sympathizing fairy. She begged the fairy to cast a spell upon her shell to keep it ever-locked. The fairy hesitated at first, but after seeing the tears and suffering in those entreating eyes, she granted the mermaid her wish. A century has passed and nothing is heard of her ever since but a low, trembling sob on her birthday. The shell is locked upon a mermaid, a wound, and a memory of warmth!

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