And Just Being Another Drop In The Ocean

Begging for show and tell
On your knees even
Realities desperate for attention
Not real till they grow an audience
Gone snailing to a snail's pace
Tempo set to snail song
Sprouting and letting begging be a choice
Gradually you've grown into your teeth
Long in the tooth when fists get hairry
Show and tell the lost and found in Scandinavia
In grown from snail to tectonic pace
Measuring time pace so quick to pace itself
Pulling arrow from the quiver
Side saddle and cold shoulder
Life at your own risk
Deep ends sworn and cursed
As wasps nesting in the gaping yawn
Anti vertibrae
Sled off the tracks and finally outside the lines
Barefoot and at eye level
Quivering the quail
Hearts skip beats and hop scotch to diamonds in double time
Gueiser set to qeue at narrow snail pace
Leap years hatched from daylight savings time
Wave from your window as you snail by
Blitzing every bluff in Un-ego
Woolly mammoth dancing behind glass
Silk shadows nesting at last

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