Autumn Ankle Deep & A Figment of Our Imaginations


    Another labyrinth. Split free corenecopria, catecombs of all history and all times and spaces and dimensions. All we feel and think on all levels as intricately weaved and wept and chaos split at all degrees, me? or anything? hippies now and again on mushrooms? And I ripcurl in most beautious and studious blended melded holiday, uncertain tilt and branded confabulant and spruce mongrels, supernatural? So far beyond stoned, so far beyond realms mind-bending cold warm heatt unweathering time withered, gone, rabid things just HAPPENING, 2 grams trippin' down toe-tappenin' tryptamines? mushroom way? Other people, sources, supernatural anyway, never SOLELY me mine every other way, all beings all pale yellow all levels now and agian settling end...NOW as everything is happening before and again, chronology unending awareness time is nowhere as events just happen now and again, no one sees or understands, NOW, this second fully GRASPED now and again marijuana and again full awareness everyone and thing again, NOTHING is just afigment of our imaginations, real, time unending space again, you and me and everyone and thing at 2:04 am mushroom station before and again my art reigns in and I'll just sleep and forget this in the morning, this is IT now, awareness beyond and again, I am HERE!!! Simultaneously in space adn it's not just me impeccibly, but everyone at everytime now and again, a beauty-straining stretch mend as all my griends naked undeepened mathematics NOW Awakened!! now again war famine ablazon each conscience mind in union, everywhere, celebrity or not, this ROCK SOLID now!!! Not a joke, not a myth, not a dream or fantasy remembered blind beer to wine to hippie men plain main the opposite of pleasure earth NOW and again, no more blonde bashful aged releasings, all communal NOW, mushrooms in the ground till human freedom special history is NOW!! And grasp true human light down to the bone, right to the core you can't ignore never again before. in there out here come down the stairs movie collectivity

                    NOW!! 2005!! 2:12 am!!

                      space time continuum unend,

space grasping mind minimum, sports barclay released received, now and new again, everybody doing SOMETHING, noew released consciousness is free anticipance of what is happening, me as a source tomorrow just a dream, as time is swallowed now again my experiences rebirth root-canal received, all growth metaphysics blue conscience NOW beyond sun wave down the stream and beyond sun wave down the stream and beyond all our games and tomorrow I'll just laugh and say I'm just insane and close the book in the dark unwave everything now and again and in this book you me the sea my one MOMENT in history experienced fully naked scene and tomorrow is just a dream, and I'm just trippin' and mushrooms pile up in my scene? and in the ground full gene cops somewhere in thegene nowhere time further down the line faulty out again tooth vague awakening as everything happens SIMULTANEOSLY in time and space and history as we're all aware of what we're doing at any given point in time real, real REAL!! Sleep or not beyond paper beyond threat beyond other scene blue history again blue scene fertilizing me associations work sources history insanity and lunacy and beurocratic mystery and older people newer scene collective One in history, conscious chain in unity life fulfilled beyone ME, recalling all that's ME and you and them to light blue context rewritten undone subdued indie religion courtesy check mandate stone marijuana down...marijuana down marijuiana down again, out of money poor context now and again in bed true sin and now awakened connection safety gone away pure true day regret sunshine AWAY

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