Chakric Etcetera pt. IV: The Canoe & The Trilingual Ambulance

Run-On Sentences

Pear and siren song pure is pulley spools of threatening thread pour soup pour floorboards pink spill sprawling doom and dame debonaire, madmoiselle, post-its hung like criminals, fingernail peel like apple core uncovered and discovered conqueror ocean peace spine dial 911 sweet lake of sugar water plunge canoe paddle two by three by four by five, drive the slaves to drive the ship, slaves are pistons on the ship, ambulance uncovered re-enstated enima, cow-lick make-out session, the generous thief, the transparent fetus, the grinch and the lorax tattle-tale pine tar peat moss pong spongue meat country hospital canoe, for fear is violation, and tears are the blood of pain, for the eyes have sprong a leak, evolving to a flood, evolving two and fro, sally in the furthest alley ambulance canoe, and jack with his tongue in her esophagus, in her eucalyptus spinal chord, gimp and limp heaved in perhaps suttle-like approach snowcone ambulance canoe is the dirt committed suicide committed pesticide pedalternorotandomovens centroculatus articulosus * seirioseyivuhoiuehroisuheroiuvouoiuseliruseiuroiuvgoiueo isroiusgeoiugoivoaiwuegroiaugeorigv oiugeoiugasoiegroasigovioiaeuoriasuebrlkoiaus peoja;esljcoiienviehcielsoencightle84c8e8eac4e8akjcijelf hcieownciesowndoamweocoenoaaieiucienaoii ndeairneicoeoaineriiiicoaienriindiocniah gaafjjeaffjcc;a aeioirucineo iimfoiaionceoidn............(for lack of a better word)

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