Chakric Etcetera pt. III: Pharaoh Pneuma Pseudonym & The Omnivore Opaque

Run-On Sentences

Orange peeling synonym bloated stomachache upon the bruising sunset closed captioned commercials that bleed into the stupid mind, the ashtray spongue, the plunging pharaoh of the screen, all hail to the Tube! And cruci-fiction majesty slitting wrists and hiding in the wounds of no name, blasphema pseudonym, omnivore opaque, omnivore free chew the fat, meet your chaos teeth together, in a gritting grin, for no order is true order, so long as chaos is inspiring, so long as art remains, so long as one can be original, so long as we have spines, so long as we are so long, All hail to the King of All the Wild Things! All hail Pharoah Pneuma Pseudonym, doberman hinge erasor collographic nosebleed teething further nails twisting forther metal screws and forth fifth sixth, thumbs pointers indexes middles rings pinkies, and forth with a comma, and forth with a colon: here and there a this and that way beyond the yonder pondering horizon lips creasing stupid, smart, shouting eardrums tipped over slightly on its back, and bear down mercilessly and unforgivingly for the pharoah is uncivilized beatnick slow breath bending diafragm, apple, pear, peaech, plum, capricorn, cornecopria castle eat split simply spitting forgetfulness bless bliss in the bly that swissifrass camel smoke of the cancer, never, beneath tongue stretch, soup plates spongue cake, halotosis bad breath suffocated canvas pointer finger jesus building cakes with sausage steaks, chaos equals order, so concieve another pharoah, to dictate and dominate, concieve another god, that you will never see, touch, smell, hear, or feel, seefeel yonder upon horizon line pure bending like a rule drool mule fit for two slippers in a shoe in a toenail never clipped, or handed down from generation to generation on, like spattering kisses deep lung balloons on happy stupid strings of indispensible massive color breath inhaling taking speck crumb pebble drip drop drap drup  vowel opague ostrich ordinary olive omnivore, pig cow fast moose gritting celery tongues between husk corn teeth blue meat special tea you vee double you ex(tra) why zee [ aye bee see de ee ef gee aych eye jay kay el em en owe pea cue are es tea you ve double you ex why and zee] pure pulp fiction and fact plus minus signs, plus question mark hyphen spine pneuma bend break snap crackle pop an orgasm penis fuck breath taken withhold and newlyweds of distant spongue cakes merrily married And warn me warm before the pharoah abandons his crown and leaves his throne unclaimed in autumn cold shoulder Like volcanoes ejaculating endlessly orgasmic omnivore Thinking man upon his soap box wipe clean your hot dog watery breath still shape rope rape ripe ripped zipperhead kneel cranium. Zebra cross-checking account of bankers booze flutes are clarinets, oils are acrylics, oils are watercolors on their tippie toes, spoonfeeding lions spoilt rotten spoilt stale cranium pharoah, cranium doberman, blue nude, blue moon, pigs on the wing, pigs on the drug, tripped off and stoned, caterpillars smoking on their tippietoe mushrooms on acid, cubed eeyore quadrupled quintessential quintuplets are dropped on their heads, and sweet velvet lawn mower calmer and filthyu, Drop by to my mailbox, with pseudonym facade, at the masque party, apalling apple dangle in the tree like eggs about to hatch, bread is brawny and scrawny, Posture Tripod, spare tires in the mild lukewarm emperor and bury me in the furthest stomach pit of the pear shallow of the darkest puddle moment is situating and dream is destiny, dream is harmony imploding, imploring, compellingdream is the leap year winter cursed and blessed, sporatic and diceased, the blackest hole within a memory, photosynthetic and withdrawn breath, sporatic is diceased, dream is destiny, doberman is pharoah blasphemy

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