Chakric Etcetera pt. II: Ambidextrous Amphibian & The Amniotic Waters

Run-On Sentences

Pacific pacifier fools gold is free form toboggan torrent smokestack hats pure breath of naked shake your spear at shakespear peering virtual spilling pitch the inquisitive spling splang prog and smog and clog the sink with pubic porno hair plaedius pseudonym fastly going death defying you have been warned that spring is coming head your head so underground to escape the sun and spare the sprawling eyes of blindness ears of the deaf pure toboggan tobacco flinging sereal kill chainsaw axe handle pills of prozaak and of L. Ron Hubbard lateral and longital and horizontal verticals New York personal personel a caucasian occasion naked needy butt cheek tongue for spoon and eye for eye and ear for conch of ocean ethereal breath inhale exhale introduce extroduce pardon sardon mayrderdom and so on and etcetera and triad fallopian tube and antidisestablishmentarianistic philosophical multi-tasking and multiplying pulling pour of scissor kinking knee breath sparkle fart for the freedomly corrinary spine pure flacid naked nude embrace partaking consuming and breath taking lip red cherry plot porousnessly breed braad bruud come corn come yonder hills and over heaps of clouds up skywide elastica nebraska spoonfeed the drugstore like lions licking lives clean bone clean square filthful Amphibian and the Amniotic Waters stirring splinter fixating suttle ripple marrow of the womb marrow of the thickest tooth bulk is money for we all know that the government is the world's biggest corporation. Life is structure, life is labrynthine, life is ductile and worth spending face-up sand worthy ostrich deep built shovel nesting neath the beaches cruel surfacing surf, holding ones breath far too long in one salivary lachrymological experience, as tears are sprout, reaped and sown like lima beans and perfectly spherical seeds, astral amphibian, amniotic salivary gland, for tears are the blood of pain, and when we bleed we release our chi and spread butter on the bread curdled and spoilt green tea steak on the grill boiling spilling out of the pot, fool te naked eye that's become embarrassed, make a wish blow out the candles, to leave us in the dark, good luck and good hello, good year blimp doth stare down upon the sporting events, and hopefully crashing down like the Hindenburg oopsie, for that was a nono on deveral occasion, up the stakes and plant the flag, claim it for yours and piss upon it, marking your territory, blue pearl shivers on the tip of your tongue, like a word you cannot grasp, or a planet suspended out in dead air, lost in space, deep space nine for two plus two equals five, and all animals are equal but some are more equal than others, and all equals none, and never equals always, for without its equating opposite, nothing may exist. And when we die we sleep and when God kills us he baptizes us with blood, For fool's gold sits peacefully breath instigating negating fornicating blasphemous fortune. and the radio fills in the cracks of the grin produced by bold question marks and bold split-pea naked noose that droops like a head dangling sweetly in the palms of its hungry hands, or perhaps even daffodils opaque, hospital fans, like moaning morning orange, block rapid patrol lube donut VCR loss bacon cocktails closed private internet used 24-hr. favorite poor video retirement anytime god color soon sale will tow xing bail mania gasoline perfect danger yourself copies TV armed coin bangbang 25cents longstay ultra girls the mischief is up to no good, myxomatotica, rhynocerotical rhinoceurosis, gaillardia, impress me pharmaceudically, impudent impugh, peritrichously ferociously aspen antidisestablishmentarianistically. and in the walnut the fetus grows and soon shall hatch, to make the bravest of amphibians, if its seed is watered, and its egg is fertilized.

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