Chakric Etcetera pt. I: A Subsidized Equation Lurking

Run-On Sentences

And split between eyebrows on their toes, spontaneously, fluently, blushing and wailing and snailing like cleavers flapping wings like seagulls, like supper sets for two or maybe even three spawning moon set willow trees a spread a garden, weeding, sealing the deal, fluent and postured like little swallowing lakes, little, little lies, lovely lungs, lunge loud and round, peeling, scabbing, grabbing, reaching somewhere south, slow as sap and ripe as rach, lefties on their tippie toes, twirp! Fuck screwball in the basket blanket blowing in the summer winter, spinning circles, spinning spider webs, domestication, defistication of the human, clamp the collar tight shut the paling eyes, Break the living spine, crack the whip, to make him just like you, one of you, fat and ripe, fat and seasoned, skinned to the throbbing marrow, sneezes say please, and beg for a seat in the bed, for super is sweet and sugar expensed, fencing, sparing arrow pointing sharp and thicket bunches, Jonathan Livingston Seagull the Outcast, silver spooned and silver tongued like the sliver of the razor breaking the seam like oars slicing smooth the water separating meniscus, boiling bread in a pot of dumplings and spinach porrage, stew, jam and butter with the grand old grutting swooping is allowed, and break the rule, bending till it snaps in two, forward, Brandy ends the singing bone and scores like banter on the dashboard, and wally fortifies the spencer and floats like soap feeling up the spine. Fuel accordian, boring bone, Impertinent corrolation, beautiful lips on the rose, pour me honey on my shirt, place your hands up my thighs and enter the bearing jaws, as they snap like a bear trap fortifying its prey and spending moon money and my porous eyedrop spending sent by sent and my porous, further blows the bending belt upon the sunship she sell sell me bread and bacon beaks that point at me and poop, stand upon the lonely folk, special crayons at a low, low price, always for sale, always cornered in the spain aisle, easles topple like saltine forests super-sized, spinnach cassarole, peas in the spoon, barking orders, sword fighting with forks, forget all days for reasons not yet met, for soon spongue weather pardons farts.

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