Table For One


Striding adroitly through the garbled air 

Never more dapper or debonair

Drawing the attentions of the curious 

Aloof, detachted, distinguished 

One impulse shy of normalcy


Again without accompaniment, as his own escort 

Too honest, too eccentric to play the dating games

Oblivious to the stares and murmurs of the fickle crowd

Destined for another date disaster


Onward into the din of the chattering herd

Keeping a safe distance from himself

No time for amenities, no chance of flirtations or temptations

No corsage to balance the embittered interiors


Wiser in resolve, from vows taken to never again feel 

Impervious to the possibility of romance

Undaunted and indifferent, 

Masterfully hiding the damage within

Knowing too well the ravages of love gone bad

Never again to experience the horrors of rejection


How many in your party, sir?

One, just one........

Very well, sir. This way..........

Table, table for one..........

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