Patience is a Virtue

Fast-paced city scene
Slow moving country side

moving fast without a stop
instant message instant speed

can barely even stop to breathe
the speed can choke you
i have seen

this isnt about suicide
and its not a cyberbully rant
listen please

these lives we all live between
is crashing down to our feet
total collapse

society isnt what its meant to be
what is today isnt yesterday
come back to me

the internet is impatient
either slow or fast
it doesnt matter your connection speed
theres always a person on the other end
mesages coming and going before you can amend
your thoughts

my thoughts

scrambled up in my head
memory going, mind next
impatience is a policy

sad tones, B minor
drinking, dancing, getting higher
livin life to the fullest
phone, a nessessity

I can barely type these words
i cant stand my keyboard woes
do you hear me

internet save me please
free time for me
a life for me
for me

a genuine thought about another
a rarity becoming less and less common
a caring heart, not a mother
hard to find

I find it all
hard to say

I wish it all
it all away

be careful what you wish for
it may just come true

im sorry for that things to come
just remember, patience is a virtue

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